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Zarya's Dream Team Zarya's Dream Team

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Tracer scream and Torbjorn clapping are the meaning of life, the animation is so good, sound quality is pretty low, not the song, the song is hilarious, the microphone, but of course, that's not a big issue

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Edwin Episode 1 - Sherry Edwin Episode 1 - Sherry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was a really good animation, i love the combination of the 2D animation with the stop motion, the stop motion quality is very good, you need to work on the 2D characters maybe play with the ilumination and add another faces for the characters, not only the front side, and maybe be more expresive with the voices, but still, it's a really good combination and a good quality animations, great work dude!

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SalterAnimation responds:

Thank you for your review and your kind words! Yes I found myself falling into the trap and taking shortcuts with the character movements. It started to feel like South Park. The stop motion stuff took up like 80 percent of the time making it so I just wanted to get it out of my life ha. To punish myself that's why I did a full body turn as he walks towards the bar at the end.
I see what you mean about the voices. On one hand I did want to push them more, but I was trying to keep them so they could be understood. I pieced together several different takes. You should hear the voices I did for the original Animatic... Yikes!
Anyway thanks once again, all comments are appreciated and help a lot.